Victory to the residents of Ward 1.  Sumi wins the primary!

Sumi Kailasapathy declares today’s victory as a victory to residents of ward 1 and the City of Ann Arbor.

NEW – 8-5-12 – Michigan Daily endorses Sumilink to article

7/30/12 – RE: Article in the Ann Arbor Observer – In the August edition of the Ann Arbor Observer, it was incorrectly reported that Sumi proposed to increase the number of police officers to over 250.  This is incorrect and the editor of the Observer has agreed to make the correction on the online version of the magazine.  Sumi has repeatedly said that she will go with the “magic” number of 150 police officers recommended by the police chief.

Letter to the editor, AnnArbor.COM - 7/15/12 – Kailasapathy is an outstanding candidate -I urge all First Warders to vote for Sumi Kailasapathy in the Democratic Primary on Aug. 7th. We are so fortunate to have such an articulate, intelligent, competent, compassionate and enthusiastic candidate.read more

The Sierra Club, Huron Valley Group, and Sierra Club, Michigan Chapter endorse Sumi! – link to press release

“My vision for Ann Arbor is a place where the community is involved in decision-making, where public safety, basic services and the commons are protected, where tax dollars are not wasted, and where fair & sustainable practices are implemented.”—Sumi Kailasapathy

Welcome. Thank you very much for visiting my campaign web site. My name is Sumi Kailasapathy. I am asking for your vote in the upcoming August 7th Democratic primary election for City Council. I have lived in Ann Arbor for 15 years. My husband Giri and I have two sons who attend the Ann Arbor Public Schools. We currently live in the Logan/Clague area of Ward 1.

I am a CPA and work in downtown Ann Arbor. I have an undergraduate degree in economics & political science from Wellesley College, and graduate degrees from the New School for Social Research. I taught at Eastern Michigan University for ten years before embarking on my career in public accounting.

In speaking with my Ward 1 neighbors over the course of the past several years, I’ve come to understand their concerns focus on the following: accountability, transparency in government decision-making, the need to prioritize spending to fund basic services, and for city government to support neighborhoods. Ward 1 residents want to see local government zero in on fiscal responsibility and core services such as fire, police, trash pick-up, recycling and roads. I’ve been hearing over and again that city hall takes care of the infrastructure they care about, and not the infrastructure that we so desire—i.e., paved roads, sewer pipes, and safe bridges.

As a CPA, I am aware of the importance of tackling the unfunded city employee pension and health care liabilities. Legacy costs for the city’s retirees are enormous, over $200 million dollars. This debt must be addressed. I’ve heard from Ward 1 residents that Ann Arbor needs elected officials who are knowledgeable about finance. I’ve also been told Ann Arbor needs representatives who know the right questions to ask.

The election for City Council in Ward 1 presents a clear choice. My candidacy gives voters the opportunity to elect a representative with the knowledge, experience and commitment to support fiscal responsibility & basic services, and strengthen the voices of Ward 1 neighborhoods.

I look forward to discussing these priorities with you. Please feel free to contact me via phone or email, and explore my campaign web site. Perhaps you might begin with the “Issues” link. Better still, contact me directly. That’s why I’m seeking election to City Council, and asking for your vote on August 7th.


Paid for by The Committee to elect Sumangala Kailasapathy
2530 Mallard Court
Ann Arbor, MI 48105

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